"Hmm. You look... familiar."

"…I do? …I don’t know, man. You don’t look so familiar to me."



"And not getting any younger, I’m afraid."

"Truly tragic. Truly."

"Make sure ya’ leave me some stuff in your will, old timer."


"Forget the girl who saved my pride and I from the Ice Queen? Never."


"How was the quest?"

"…The quest was butts, man."

"Me and Cakey ended up stuck in a cave for like…a week. We didn’t even find what PG sent us to get."

Wow, Fiona. there sure are a lot of umbrellas in your life. First, Gumball doesn't like the rain, Second, FP can't go in the rain, and Third, Marshall Lee can't go in sunlight. Here's my question: If you need umbrellas so much, exactly how many do you have at home?(including for yourself)

"I keep four at my house. None are for me, actually."

"I have a pink one for PG, a red one for FP, and a special sun blocking one just for Marshall Lee. The last one is a blue one, and I was gonna use it for myself at first…but Cakey doesn’t like rain at all. I’d rather get myself wet than have Cakey be uncomfortable. So I usually just leave that one for her."


"…you’re still around?”


"I could say the same for you. You’re ancient.”


"Why would Ooo forget it’s heroine?"


"I didn’t."

"…Ya’ mean it FP?!"

"Ya’ really didn’t forget about me while I was on my quest?!"

"…Did everyone forget about me?"



FP is real cute and bought me a cheeseburger.

I found two adventurin’ dudes! Say hey to Jojos!